I am an expert vegan designer creating custom couture + workwear.

I build status and wealth for your ethical artpreneurship.

I craft custom garments for trans clients at no cost to them.


I make garments that are fit to your fantastic body, that express you exactly as you want them to, that last and last and last – the most fantastic pieces in your closet you’ll reach for over and over!

My work is more popular than ever so please do sign up for my waitlist. I send out emails Wednesday at noon Pacific. When my schedule opens, you’ll get a link in this email so you can put yourself on my calendar: first come, first served! And don’t worry – I always give a week’s heads up before I have openings, so you can set an alarm for best shot at my schedule.

Please be sure to read my Policies before signing up for my waitlist.




  • custom hoodie $325+
  • day dress $475+
  • jeans $495+
  • overalls/jumpsuit $650+
  • t-shirts $130 / $375 (3)
  • underwear $75 / $175 (3)
  • menswear shirt $375+
  • jacket $675+
  • trousers $475+
  • swimwear $425+
  • baby wear $255+
  • plushie $225+
  • pyjama set $450+
  • athleisure / robe $365+
  • jean repair $85+/pr

chain stitch embellishment:
additional $250+

  • sport coat / blazer $675+
  • dress trousers $515+
  • suit (for all figure types) $2015+
  • winter/work coat $635+
  • formal dress $815+
  • costume work $325+
  • wedding $1275+

chain stitch embellishment:
additional $250+

  • jean repair $85+/pr
  • instruction $95/hr
  • mending $65/hr
  • cloning $175+
  • contract sewing $175/hr

chain stitch embellishment:
starts at $250+


I’m done with Capitalism. I’m tired of “race to the bottom” business models (or race to space in your private rocket), indiscriminate mass-manufacture, constant product launches with razor-thin margins.

I’m tired of soulless products churned out who knows where and who cares who or what we step on to get it, at bottom dollar.

Our planet can’t take it and to be honest? We feel terrible when we participate in these business models.

I can help you create something entirely different. Something a hell of a lot stronger!
We can build a better business model. We can build a brand with personality; a brand with solid ethics. You can scale up while supporting your collaborators, employees, and community. 
I am currently available on an hourly or retainer basis to clients who’ve previously retained me at contract, or taken my WHOLE ENCHILADA course. You can schedule with me here.
Contracts with me start at $5000 and include:
  • a custom website, domain name, and email setup
  • coaching for your branding, marketing, and messaging
  • email marketing integration and training
  • email and social media mentorship
Imagine writing a check (or a few of them, if you’d like to opt into a payment plan) and knowing your business is in good hands. We’ll get you ready for a launch, and I’ll teach you how to communicate confidently with your customers, fans, and followers. You will be running your business smoothly and gaining traction so you can focus on your products, your services – and falling in love with entrepreneurship all over again.
Don’t leave your business up to chance, to being “discovered” or going viral; quit chasing the big jobs that don’t pan out and the clients who are a pain in the ass.

Book with me, and let’s get your future started!
Twice a year I run a low-cost, limited seating course for Creative entrepreneurs. In live classes, Discord chat (yes!), and one-on-one coaching sessions we will cover soup-to-nuts of building or strengthening your creative business: mission statement and values, product pricing and operations, finance, marketing and collaborations, competitors and collaborators, customer care models, contingency plans – and authentic, joyful social media presence (one of my strengths)!
At the end of the course you will not only be ready to launch; you’ll feel confident, excited, and energized – and you’ll have a bona fide business plan and cash forecast (two documents you shouldn’t be without)!
I don’t allow signups through this site; instead, you need to read my email and make sure to decide for yourself if you’re right for the course. I open up the shopping cart about a week before class starts – this next cohort, that open date will be September 4th at noon pacific.
Would you like to show a little love and support to our trans community?
Would you like to inspire confidence, self-love, and self-expression?
Would you like to take back our culture from mundane, horrific and transphobic mediocrity?
My favorite kind of design and sewing work, has always been gift sewing. And who better to sew for, than trans and gender diverse peeps who deserve garments that fit and feel great, ramient that looks fantastic and lasts forever – pieces as unique and masterfully-built as the person wearing them!
I have over twenty years sewing for trans individuals and my work is unparalleled in joyousness, quality craftsmanship, artistic expression, comfort, and longevity!

I want my work to fall into just the right hands!

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Interested? Wait here for my application form as I am developing that this week. If you’re ready to help this project, sign up by becoming a Member on my Buy Me A Coffee platform.
If you’d like to apply to be a recipient of my TINY HORROR HUG CLUB program, simply email me directly and I’ll tell you where to go!