My name is Kelly Hogaboom.

I’ve built two high-end, ethical creative businesses in the most economically-depressed county of the state; and my mission is to guide you to the same position of strength.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but the benefits go far beyond making a living doing what we love.

In our work we get to express ourselves daily, in the medium that feels best to us, and bring our voice to fruition. We get to set our schedule, develop and hold our personal and professional boundaries, and partner with the best clients one can imagine.
Intrigued? Watch my video – and let’s get started!

interested in my course?

How did I get here? What drives me?

I email about once a week!

ready to go? I am just a click away!

coaching session

$125 | 1 session

Just a few testimonials: “Kelly is a superhero!” “Such a great experience” “So helpful!” “Kelly does not mess around when it’s time to work!”

Let’s be real. You’ve got great work (I know it, even if you’re not quite sure), but you’re stuck. If you could have moved through this stage alone, you’d have done so by now. My business only took off after I started receiving coaching, myself.

A session with me saves you time, makes you money, puts that spring back in your step – and gets you in the creative flow. After all – isn’t that where we want to be?

3-pack strategy

$350 | 3 sessions

Are you ready to get something done? Put your email marketing together? Pull your Instagram feed out of the swamp? Draft your website?

A creative business has all of the challenges of any small business – but there are a few things that make us special! I’d love to work with you to plan, start, or strengthen your unique entrepreneurship. 

I am at this time offering a $100 down for those who’d like a payment plan option. If that’s you – click here.


new: full course!

$1300 / $1500  |  11 weeks

In June 2021 I’m launching an 11-week course that is covering the entire gamut of creative business planning, development, and launch. Sign up for these emails as only members of my list, can sign up! 

This is a limited-seating, lower-tuition course that is comprehensive, instructive, and fun – guaranteed. Stop wishing you had your perfect business – and make it come to life! (Yes, you can!)

Don’t worry about pressure or an upsell – I truly want the right students, and I have a limited number of seats! If you think you might be a good fit, book a call with me and let’s talk!

"Kelly coached our small business team in learning how to think about and use social media as professionals. She was inspiring, articulate and very skilled at getting to the root of what makes each of us tick. It was such a valuable and fun session, I feel more confident and light hearted about using social media and I'm so excited to work with her again!"
Emily W testimonial, Kelly Hogaboom / Bespoke Hogaboom
Emily W
Aberdeen, WA
"I had a coaching session with Kelly and walked away focused, excited, encouraged, and with a clear line of sight to where I wanted to go. Her style is natural and easy. Kelly is a human tuning fork. Strongly recommend for anyone wanting to clear away the mental clutter and emerge with greater clarity."
Katie F testimonial, Kelly Hogaboom / Bespoke Hogaboom
Katie F
Boulder, CO
"Kelly has a deep love of helping people and the planet, and through example and discussions, we learn that she has a well-rounded approach to making and managing money as well. I cannot recommend her enough as a coach to help you make your crafts into a business that not only makes you money, but helps others, and the planet."
Ken L testimonial, Kelly Hogaboom / Bespoke Hogaboom
Ken L
Raymond, WA
Six Things for your Entrepreneurship, Bespoke Hogaboom


For Your Creative Entrepreneurship

Starting or strengthening your creative business can feel daunting. Trust me – I’ve been there. Here are six strategies that will get you strong results – and you can start on them today!


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