Ten Things To Know About My Career

I started my business officially in 2017 and initially I planned a family-friendly art side hustle. We raised our children and we lived our lives as radical unschoolers, which for many years meant one income for four people. When I got serious about business education in 2019, everything changed and I quickly developed into a REAL business. My family-friendly entrepreneurship evolved into a business friendly to chronic illness, which amongst other things means it is a very strong business.

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It’s Time To Let Go Of Perfectionism: It Will Devour You Alive

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, everyone struggles with Perfectionism! That’s just a human thing!” Yeah, probably. But not everyone has Perfectionism operating on them almost every waking moment (and probably a good portion of their sleep). Trust me when I say: yes, everyone can be a perfectionist at times. But not everyone has Perfectionism in the driver’s seat, settling into a well-worn ass groove and cranking up the Van Halen!

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What I Wish I’d Known

[I]t’s been wonderful to start earning the kind of income that makes a big difference in my life, my family’s life, and the life of my community. I could have been earning a lot more sooner if I’d known the things I’m listing below – and, more importantly, I could have avoided some heartaches as well. And these principles are about small business, sure – but they’re also about the specifics of being a Creative. Creative entrepreneurs are small businesses like any other small business – but there are a few things that make us a bit special.

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