Testimonial: Leny Abraham of Leny’s Liveries

"I think our stories are kind of similar - where we got pushed into STEM, because that was seen as a practical career. And really, when I wanted to professionalize, I wanted to make the Muppets. That's what I wanted to do when I was little. And then I got pushed into other things for a while. So learning to sew as an adult and coming back to it and doing things with my hands again was satisfying, in a way that my seven year old self knew. That my ten year old self was pushed out of."

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Testimonial: Virginia Shields of Clotho & Frigg

"You have had such a huge influence on the way that I think about my business: the questions that I ask myself about my business, my confidence in being able to run my business. I've learned so, so much from you, I've learned so much about how to communicate my marketing and what marketing looks like for an ethical business. And then it's not the evil bullshit that I learned in Business College - which was just horrible."

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Testimonial: Margaret-Grace Brost of The Good Food Club

"I needed some confidence in how to better communicate with clients. I wanted to feel comfortable about stating my No's and my boundaries and kind - figuring out where those boundaries were. I felt like, "It's business, we have to take it al!" So that was definitely something that I had heard from Sabel and Hudson that I you would be able to help me with that. That was definitely like one of my bigger things I wanted to learn from you."

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My Top Ten Freedoms As A Creative Entrepreneur

Last Saturday I took an excursion to Olympia with my oldest son, just because we wanted a roadtrip and some noodles. End of story. I didn't have to ask, I didn't have to worry about my schedule. I knew I had the time and knew I wanted the trip. I didn't have to "make up" work when I got home. I've programmed my life with a lot of fuck-off time. This is lovely for snack attacks and beach days and goof-offs - but it's also *indispensable* for supporting my partner's career, for getting our sons to campus or to doctor's appointments, for running errands, for taking our cat in for cancer surgery! There is a little bit of juggling now and then but my partner and I know there's always time we can make for the things we need.

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The Pros & Cons Of A Business Course

Many courses and mentors are unreflectively pro-capitalist. What do I mean by that? Well for instance I went to a certain national business organization’s webinar a while back and the first thing the presenter did was wax enthusiastic about drop-shipping methods via Amazon. Not one mention of Amazon’s problematic ethics and exploitation – just excitement about the profit we can make off the backs of abused workers! Sadly, that is the attitude and those are the willful omissions you’ll see an awful lot from many business mentors.

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