What is Mentorship?

The word “mentor” can mean a lot of things – but you’re here because you want to know what I mean by it!

During our mentorship contract we will work together for a minimum of three months, a maximum of six months.

I’ll build your website (yes, really!), set up your email marketing platform, and write some of your best copy (you’ll love me for this!).  I’ll provide one-on-one sessions in the following: cash forecasting, email and social media marketing strategy, pricing – and your branding and messaging. At the end of our time together your business will be up and running!

Put simpler: I’ll be living, breathing and dreaming your business and I will be on it like a badger!

The stress relief I provide, the site I build you, the time I save you – and making sure you get the right clients and the right pricing – is worth my fee many times over!

This is quite a project to put together, and requires a lot of homework on both our parts. 

Below, I share a little more detail as to how it works, our schedule, and what it costs. A few more words before I get to that:

Mentorship contracts start at $5,000 – including the site. If you want my mentorship but NOT a site, the package fee is halved: $2,500.

I like to talk cost right away, because I think it’s a bit weird and creepy to try to string you along for long email sequences and get you in a person-to-person “complimentary” call where I try to put the sales pressure on. To me, that’s insulting. Insulting to me – because those aren’t the kind of conversations I want to have – and to you, because I would never want you to feel pressure from me, to work together.

You may be feeling pressure within yourself: the pressure to make a decision, the pressure to invest in your art, the fear of making a commitment versus the fear of muddling along on your own. So if that’s the case, read on here:


1. Fill out an application form. This is a 25 question form that will help us both a great deal. Fill it out as thoroughly as you can.

2. I’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted, and you can then sign up for a meeting – this is a no-pressure discussion where we share our expectations, aims, and desired outcomes.

3. Once we decide to move forward we’ll get you onboarded, a contract signed by the two of us, and arrange our schedule. 

4. Do your homework! After our first meeting we’ll arrange your prep homework, and set up a schedule for regular meetings and benchmarks. I keep things simple, and organized – no flowery speak in our spec!

6. Mentorship! We will meet regularly to establish goals, milestones, and quantitative analysis of your progress.

6. Launch! After your launch, you will have to keep the ball rolling! But I’ll still be here – you can retain me hourly (a service I only provide my mentees and course students), and of course you’ll have my online Discord community support, as well


We work together for between three and six months. 

After I’ve approved you as a client we have a first meeting, you sign a contract, and you receive your prep homework.

In a nutshell, I provide the following: website (your choice in hosting), integrated email marketing, social media aggregate links, embedded and pop up forms, a pricing worksheet, and a business plan template.

This is where the real transformation happens! Our ten sessions are built around establishing your client avatar(s), customer care strategy, a pricing workshop, a branding discussion, messaging discussion, mission statement and values.

Community membership
While in contract with me you receive full access to my Discord (a server called BASIC BINCHES)! While the server has a lot of different channels, the channel you will adore is the #small-biz-artists group – dedicated, amazing Creatives who’ll help you every step of the way! Don’t sleep on my amazing community! This is a smart time investment on your part – trust!


My package fee starts at $5,000 including a website. A package without a site, is half that – $2,500. I accept payment plans, with one third down, invoiced during our onboarding meeting. Paying via payment plan involves an additional admin fee. I tailor the payment plan to what works for us both.


In fact, I think it is! This is why I painstakingly build the service in the first place!

Bump down to the FAQ for more detailed answers!


Approximately 70% of my clients stick around in the BASIC BINCHES Discord community – the best artpreneurship network I’ve ever experienced! And about 20% of them are still in my DMs and mentions on IG. And about 10% of them, I don’t see much of them anymore! So for some people, they like the constant connection and network. Others got what they needed, and flew the nest (at least, for now)!

Personally, I think sticking around in BASIC BINCHES is the smartest thing you can do. But that’s just me! Now read on for some FAQ, below:


That sounds expensive! I don’t know if I can afford it!

My fee is an amazing value for what you get – but I also know what you’re saying!

Let me be blunt: I know what it’s like to have zero dollars! I ended 2019 having earned good money, and then spent it all – with zero savings to show for it (okay, $115 to be precise)! But I also ended 2019 with a business education, and I made some changes. In 2020 I doubled my revenue from 2019 (during Covid!), ending my year with a little over $8,000 savings! And in 2021 I doubled my income again – with an even healthier savings to show for it, having paid off our family debt to boot! (You can read more about my 2021 here!)

So trust me: maybe you’ve got no money, honey! Working with me is the fastest way to get there – without sacrificing your ethics or your artistry. For some of you, you can find the funds – your own, or crowdfunding, or a grant.

For others, the time just isn’t right.

Wherever you get your seed fund to retain me – saving up, a family loan, a traditional loan, a GoFundMe – what’s even more important than the money (believe it or not!) is your focus and time investment. I believe you can find the money, but what I don’t know is if you’re going to carve out your focus and time to get this going!

This is a question only you can answer!

I’m scared about finance/taxes/insurance/licensing/ads!

I’ll bet you are! I provide loads of resources to help you get started on all these aspects of your artpreneurship. We want to make sure you’ve got your bookkeeping off to a good start, and that you’re reporting your earnings properly (oh how I wish I’d started out stronger on this)! We also want to help you acquire the licensure you need. Ultimately you will be responsible to research your own options, but I have a lot of professional resources that will really help!

Yeah but… is my work good enough? Really? Tell me – I can take it!

Yes. Oh my, lol – yes. Maybe I haven’t even met you, but yes it is.

So far, not one person who’s stepped to me, had an inferior product. By the time you’re here reading this page you have a passion for your work which means the quality is there (trust me)! You have approximately 99 problems (professionalism, cash pro forma, bookkeeping, and messaging probably at the top of that list), but the quality of your art is not one of those problems!

Kelly – why should I partner with you, instead of a different program or site builder?

You should only partner with me if you like what I say, if you dig my vibe – and if you believe I know what I’m talking about! And if you’re thinking that, and your heart beats a little faster reading this page and considering your artpreneurship blossoming fully – then yes, you should apply to work with me!

My strengths are: branding, marketing, messaging, copywriting, photography, customer care, pricing, ethics, artistic integrity, and managerial finance.

A secondary strength is the community I’ve built, through my BASIC BINCHES Discord server. This community is unlike any other online space, and I’m very proud of it.

I have trouble committing to things. Am I a good candidate to work with you?

If you have trouble committing, you have three choices:

One: take a chance that this time you can do it.

Two: take my course (which will well-prepare you for WHEN you launch); or

Three: put off this decision for now.

The benefit of the course – and this is kind of huge – is that the peer nature of the course, helps to keep you accountable. The course is a great option if you recognize accountability as one of your greatest weaknesses.

Either way – course or mentorship – I’m pretty good at keeping clients on track.

Ultimately, I can only do my own homework and quality care – so you need to ask yourself if you’re ready to work!

OK. Well in that case, can I take your course, and then just buy an a la carte website from you after?

You know what? That’s a cool idea. I can absolutely allow this – as long as my mentorship docket isn’t too full by then! And it very well may be. I’ll let you know!

Do you take payment plans?

Yes I do! I am flexible in that way because everyone has always paid me. I do require a third of my fee’s down payment, but then we can do a little dance and make a plan that works for you! If you do use my payment plan, there will be a bit more admin charge.

So are you ready?​

If you’ve carefully read this page, then you can go ahead and apply. Don’t worry – this is not a commitment on either of our parts! But this is the best way, to get the conversation rolling.

I hope you bet on yourself! But even if you’re not ready – feel free to hang in my Discord, or follow me on Instagram (I have two accounts: kellyhogaboom and bespokehogaboom).

I look forward to getting to know you! Working with passionate, ethical artpreneurs is my favorite part of what I do!