I’m Not Saying You Have To Quit Social Media But It Really Kind Of Sucks

How I Pretend I Feel On Social Media, Bespoke Hogaboom

I feel really bad finally jumping on the “social media stinks” bandwagon so what I really hope to do with this post, is help you feel better.

First of all: if social media still works for you, and you’re enjoying it without complication:

that is wonderful!

Keep shining on you crazy diamond!

But for some of you…

You’re over it.

We are constantly being sold to. Most our feed is now advertisements (however cleverly hidden), affiliate/sponsorship links, boosts, pages or products we aren’t interested in.

Meanwhile our own reach has plummeted. People aren’t seeing our content! Worse – we’re not seeing our friends’ stuff, either!

So here is my brilliant Kelly Hogaboom plan, that I enacted long ago on socials, and that I drifted away from, and had to re-engage with:

Have you tried not giving a shit?

No, but seriously.


I am all for being authentic, enthusiastic, and generous in social media.

I am even all for following social media gurus and learning new tricks! Heck I poke around at this a little bit here and there! (Emphasis on “little bit” and “here and there”!)

So if you love the game – the game of following the algorithm, sleuthing and doing new things – 

then you should definitely invest in that time! It’s a smart use of your resource.


If you really hate the hustle on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook et cetera – and you’re slogging away because that’s what you think you HAVE to do – 

Then I highly recommend diversifying your marketing.

Stay on social media – you probably should! And make it fun. Post what you feel like! Speak from the heart!

And invest your time (and funds) in some marketing separate from social media.

Here are twenty-five ideas, fresh from my brain to yours!

Put out a market survey (informal works fine!)
Podcast (your own, or guest)
Paid advertising
Apply for recognition/awards
Ask for referrals
Develop your pitch (7 word, 90 sec)
Ask to speak at a conference
Write press releases (these are easy to re-tool for different publications)
Host a pop-up event
SEO (organic) – writing, and image tagging
Host a class (paid, no- or low-cost)
Sponsor an event
Guerilla marketing
Collaborations (with people who have similar values)
Build a community (this takes time and strategy but is SO worth it!)
Re-use older content (you have lots!)
Trade email endorsements with a friend
Host an in-person event (gift a service to the community!)
Magnets/stickers/car decal (these do work!)
Pinterest (#2 driver to websites)
Blog/write (like I’m doing here!)
Business networks (I host the best one for Creatives out there btw)
Email marketing (but think about HOW you’ll get new people!)
Google page (Check out my ratings!)

Obviously not all of these will be interesting to you – or worth the effort.

I’m here to help you with any of the above – I’ve got experience in almost all of them!

But one thing I can tell you:

You can really, really take time off social media.

Take back your time.

Take back your power!

You can do it. I believe in you!


If you like what I have to share, and you’re willing to invest time in your dream – I’d love to work with you formally!

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