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HOLD FAST 2020 Babywear line, Kelly Hogaboom/Bespoke Hogaboom
Spring / Flame blazer, Kelly Hogaboom/Bespoke Hogaboom
Me! Kelly Hogaboom/Bespoke Hogaboom

I am a Buddhist, partner, parent, cinephile and Creative living in Aberdeen, Washington, USA. I design and construct quality, custom bespoke garments. My work imbues the highest excellence in terms of fit, construction, positive environmental impact, and personal expression!

You can watch my design and construction techniques on Instagram; I also run a site sharing tutorials and free classes. My tutorials and classes are all over the place, so I’ve started populating a Pinboard to collect them.

I am having the time of my life as a creative entrepreneur. I’ve felt more freedom, joy, and creative flux than at any other time in my life. And in the process, I discovered something else:

I love business-building.

And I’m good at it.

In two short years since my launch, I generated a full calendar and a reputation for excellence. Soon I was filling my schedule and waitlist with just a post on Instagram or an email. In fact in early 2019 I had so much work I had to raise prices (again!) and – when that didn’t stem the flow – I had to create a waitlist and yes, start saying No. (I hate doing that. Fellow entrepreneurs, I know you understand!)

During this intense growth period I came to see I needed to pass on what I’d so clearly benefitted from: professional help.

I would not have a business today, had I not received custom business consulting.

My time with professional consultation transformed me from a talented hobbyist to an artisan recognized for excellence. 

It helped me with customers – relating to them, communicating with them, and treating them well. I stepped through taking my business from under-the-table to legitimate and licensed. I made friends with the world of Finance – spreadsheets, Cash Flow projections – yes, even taxes! Consulting services led me through market research, social media savvy strategies, Mission and Value statements, operations management, and drafting a formal business plan (for lenders, investors, and as a lodestar for further growth).

The best part about all of this is, every day I learn something new, and every day I’m as fired up as I was on Day One!

Whether you seek personal consultancy, creative coaching, business coaching – or you’re just not sure what you need – I’ve got your back. You can read more about my service packages here.

I am experienced, and my track record speaks for itself. I’m ready to take a meeting.

I believe in you.

And if you work with me, you will come to believe in you, too.

donations made in 2020:

what else should you know? |

I am a Triple Bottom Line business (3BL). This means all of my business strategies and aims are honed through the lenses of Profit, People, and the Planet. Long gone are the days where only the bottom line matters. If I build a business that relies on exploitation, waste, and a shoddy supply chain – then I am building a poor excuse for a business. 

I bring this ethos to my consultancy, as well.

In terms of the People aspect of a Triple Bottom Line, I credit all artists, fabric designers, and photographers on my Instagram, Facebook, and web properties. I honor my client’s privacy, never identifying them by name unless they agree to a request. My web communities are moderated through an anti-racist, LGBTQ+ inclusive, neurodiverse, age-inclusive ethos.

My web properties reside on carbon neutral hosting. My mailing materials are made from recycled materials that are in turn recyclable (and purchased from a family-owned, USA company). My sewing studio has a 2% waste rate (as compared to fast fashion’s 15%). I do not use animal products for ethical and environmental considerations, and I focus on the implementation of biodegradable materials, deadstock, and upcycled materials.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for considering a partnership. I am available through email for any questions or needed clarifications.