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A bit more about the class …


Quite simply, this is my best effort to give you a high-quality business-building program where we cover soup-to-nuts of building an ethical, lucrative creative business within a small group setting. In live classes, Discord chat (yes!), office hours and one-on-one coaching sessions we will cover soup-to-nuts of building or strengthening your creative business: mission statement and values, product pricing and operations, finance, marketing and collaborations, competitors and collaborators, customer care models, contingency plans – and authentic, joyful social media presence (one of my strengths)!

The class works alongside building a formal business plan; I will provide the template and cash forecast worksheets, as well as supplementary materials and a whole lot of social media guides!

You can read more about the modules here:


How do I know if I should take this class?
First off: eighty percent of small businesses fail. Eighty percent! I have a suspicion that creative businesses fail at an even higher rate, in large part because our capitalist culture tends to devalue creative work (yeah I said it)!

I am not trying to scare you with that statistic, I am trying to encourage you. Because the vast majority of businesses that fail, fail so because they didn’t go through a business-building process! What my experience shoes me is that if, in contrast, you are willing to go through this process, then you are very unlikely to fail!

So the question is this: are you ready to do homework? ! I cannot stress this enough. This course is a not a cash-grab or an upsell for me. This is my best course, designed for my best students: those who are willing do work on (not just in) their business. It’s a lot of work but at the end of the process you have a plan and you won’t be nervous (well, maybe a little)! I have built two businesses this way and the system is foolproof – again, if you do the work.

What materials are included in the course?
I will be providing a business plan template, a cash forecast template, and a variety of educational handouts. These materials will be delivered on a weekly basis, uploaded shortly before class sessions. This keeps us focussed on the current module in the course,  so we can do a

What happens if we miss class?
Life happens! I want to make this course as accessible as possible so I am recording and uploading all sessions. If you miss class you will not get the full benefit of the peer discussion experience, and you may not do your homework (which would be a shame)! But you will receive a recording of all classes (which means you can catch up on the conversation). All recordings will remain up for six months after the course closes, as well as access to all your class materials.

When can I reserve my spot?
I will open the shopping cart to my email list fourteen days before class (so June 1st, and August). My email list will get first notice, and if class doesn’t fill up, the general public will get notice seven days before the class opens. Therefore the best way to make sure you get a chance to get in, is to subscribe to THE WHOLE ENCHILADA email list, and make sure my email ( is a Contact in your email program.

What is the difference between pricing?
$1500 is the price if you pay in ($150 to reserve your spot; three payments of $450 over the course life). You pay $1300 if you make full payment up front.

What is the refund policy?
There are no refunds given to any payments; remember that by reserving your spot you are effectively denying someone else a seat.

Why is this course so cheap inexpensive?
It’s hard to price things sometimes; at such a low cost I run the risk of being perceived as delivering a low-value course. But to put it bluntly: this is my first year running the group course and I came up with a pricing scheme that works for me.

I have more questions!
Great! You can either email me directly, or schedule an orientation meeting.














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