My Top Ten Freedoms As A Creative Entrepreneur

Last Saturday I took an excursion to Olympia with my oldest son, just because we wanted a roadtrip and some noodles. End of story. I didn't have to ask, I didn't have to worry about my schedule. I knew I had the time and knew I wanted the trip. I didn't have to "make up" work when I got home. I've programmed my life with a lot of fuck-off time. This is lovely for snack attacks and beach days and goof-offs - but it's also *indispensable* for supporting my partner's career, for getting our sons to campus or to doctor's appointments, for running errands, for taking our cat in for cancer surgery! There is a little bit of juggling now and then but my partner and I know there's always time we can make for the things we need.

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My 2021 Greatest Hits!

Here are my top feats that either strengthened Bespoke Hogaboom, deepened my ethics - or brought me (and others) a lot of joy. I write them here, because they were deliberate choices, they were important to me and others, and you and I made them happen. Perhaps some of these will inspire you to make a vision for your 2022!

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