Ten Things To Know About My Career

I started my business officially in 2017 and initially I planned a family-friendly art side hustle. We raised our children and we lived our lives as radical unschoolers, which for many years meant one income for four people. When I got serious about business education in 2019, everything changed and I quickly developed into a REAL business. My family-friendly entrepreneurship evolved into a business friendly to chronic illness, which amongst other things means it is a very strong business.

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Who Should We Go To For Our Ethics?

When a brand, artist, or Creative sets down this path - if the brand is not very careful - this in turn will corrupt what used to be their healthy support community. The passionate audience the brand so relied on in early days, begins to disintegrate. Concomitantly, as the brand's scope blows up, the brand doesn't need to take each conscientious voice seriously. The brand waits for a large-enough outcry in their commentariat, before making a change (or at least, pretending to make a change, or making a change for the optics). The brand gets sour: "Why should we care about every little complaint? See? You can never make these people happy! They just don't get it!"

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These Fake-Ass Masterclasses Gotta Go

One of the results of being even more heavily immersed in the world of yoga, is I'm receiving an awful lot of class, course, and workshop opportunities. I take as many of these as I can - several are offered at low- or no-cost, and so far all but one have been  a valuable use of my time. What's this "but one", you say? I'm glad you asked.

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You Don’t Owe Anyone “Accessible” Pricing

Take care of yourself. Build your sustainable business. Once you can see that future coming true in your cash forecast (please create a cash forecast!), then yes do explore ways to give your amazing products, services, and expertise forward via low cost and no cost opportunities. Because I do think at the point you are taking care of yourself, and your business will sustain - then yes. Yes I do think you own something to the marginalized, oppressed, to those who are struggling. But you owe that on your terms with your gifts, in a way that makes best sense to you.

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Why Do Artisans Undercharge?

I am in dozens of hobbyist groups online where you inevitably see a regular trickle of questions like, "How much do you sell your __ for?" There's no shortage of advice given - in fact, usually there's a pile on in the comments, of all kinds of conflicting advice delivered by people who have never run a business, are helming one that is soon to fail, or who briefly tried for a brief while before bailing.

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