Top Ten Entrepreneurial Freedoms, Bespoke Hogaboom

My Top Ten Freedoms As A Creative Entrepreneur

Last Saturday I took an excursion to Olympia with my oldest son, just because we wanted a roadtrip and some noodles. End of story. I didn’t have to ask, I didn’t have to worry about my schedule. I knew I had the time and knew I wanted the trip. I didn’t have to “make up” work when I got home. I’ve programmed my life with a lot of fuck-off time. This is lovely for snack attacks and beach days and goof-offs – but it’s also *indispensable* for supporting my partner’s career, for getting our sons to campus or to doctor’s appointments, for running errands, for taking our cat in for cancer surgery! There is a little bit of juggling now and then but my partner and I know there’s always time we can make for the things we need.

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Dispatches From Clown Patrol Pt. 1, Bespoke Hogaboom

Dispatches From Clown Patrol, Pt. 1

Some of our critics – implicit or direct, sensitive or boorish – provide us with that little grist for the mill that ultimately leads to positive change. I can’t tell you how many times someone got on my dick about something and as I fumed and processed and thought it over, I came to realize there was something valuable in what they said. It might even be something entirely unrelated to their unwelcome fuckery – but nevertheless, the interaction led somewhere productive. This is mostly down to my own dogged determination to learn and grow, and I deserve mad props for that! But without their needling remark… maybe it would have taken me longer to get there.

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Remember To Horse Around, Else Perish by Bespoke Hogaboom

Remember To Horse Around, Or Risk Perishing

When I get scared it can be really tempting to think I don’t have time to play, it is wrong for me to experience Joy, it’s wrong for me to be silly or give myself rest or recreation. I feel that dark cloud encroaching in my head and I am just so scared. Soon I’m telling myself a story I’m some kind of Cosmic Victim – the Universe is out to get me. I never say it in those terms because I know someone would argue me out of that. But that’s what I’m believing, that’s how scared I can get.

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Protocol: How It Helps, Bespoke Hogaboom

Protocol: How It Can Help

I know it doesn’t sound that sexy to be consistent, predictable and honorable. But I think it pays off more than taking great photos. I think it pays off more than doing giveaways or collaborations.

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Would you like to show a little love and support to our trans community?
Would you like to inspire confidence, self-love, and self-expression?
Would you like to take back our culture from mundane, horrific and transphobic mediocrity?
My favorite kind of design and sewing work, has always been gift sewing. And who better to sew for, than trans and gender diverse peeps who deserve garments that fit and feel great, ramient that looks fantastic and lasts forever – pieces as unique and masterfully-built as the person wearing them!
I have over twenty years sewing for trans individuals and my work is unparalleled in joyousness, quality craftsmanship, artistic expression, comfort, and longevity!

I want my work to fall into just the right hands!

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Interested? Wait here for my application form as I am developing that this week. If you’re ready to help this project, sign up by becoming a Member on my Buy Me A Coffee platform.
If you’d like to apply to be a recipient of my TINY HORROR HUG CLUB program, simply email me directly and I’ll tell you where to go!