Testimonial: Margaret-Grace Brost of The Good Food Club

“I needed some confidence in how to better communicate with clients. I wanted to feel comfortable about stating my No’s and my boundaries and kind – figuring out where those boundaries were. I felt like, “It’s business, we have to take it al!” So that was definitely something that I had heard from Sabel and Hudson that I you would be able to help me with that. That was definitely like one of my bigger things I wanted to learn from you.”

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Pleasure To Have In Class, Bespoke Hogaboom
old stuff

Being Labeled “Gifted” as a Child Was Ridiculous & Mostly About Capitalist Compliance

“Smart” isn’t quite the problem per se, it’s our cultural valuation of “smart” at the expense of the “not-smart”. Even at six it was obvious I’d done something very pleasing to the grownups in my life, so I went on to prove I was Smart for a chill K-through-12 years. I received straight A’s, I participated in math and science contests, I beat the running year-long trivia game in fifth grade (record holder still, I believe), and assembled a few plaques and medals. Upon graduating high school I received a full ride scholarship in Engineering and got the Engineering degree. See – I’m Smart! People tell me so.

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F You Pay Me, Bespoke Hogaboom

How To Handle Clients Who Won’t Pay, Part 2

Entrepreneurs with poor boundaries end up being owed money often. It’s stressful for them, of course. Inevitably they post to Facebook or socials, and complain. And then they get comments that are basically scorched earth strategy.

Scorched earth strategy like: take down the website you built them! Threaten them with a lawyer! Tell them you’re keeping their deposit and selling the artpiece to someone else! Something like that.

That’s the first place people go. Level up the aggression. That’ll do it!

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Clients Who Don't Pay Pt. 1, Bespoke Hogaboom

How To Handle Clients Who Won’t Pay, Part 1

This isn’t a strategy post about how to get paid. (I’ve taught many a class on this!)

This is a pre-strategy post, on how to get your mind right about this kind of situation.

Because again: if you’re regularly having these problems, you need to change things with your business infrastructure. I’d need to ask you a series of questions about your operations, in order to figure out where you’re going wrong.

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Last Day of WHOLE ENCHILADA, Bespoke Hogaboom

I Feel Weepy Over How Well My Students Did

Most the world doesn’t understand entrepreneurs all that well, and most people really don’t understand Creatives. That is to say: all of us have a Creative drive. But the class of people I call Creatives, are first and foremost innovative, driven, and deeply countercultural (even if they don’t know this about themselves). So to take a little group of six to ten renegades (a word one of my students brought to class last night) and reign them into all the more rigorous standards of business-building – well, it’s a challenge.

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"“Your Worst Customers Create Your Best Policies”, Part 2", Bespoke Hogaboom

“Your Worst Customers Create Your Best Policies”, Part 2

I’ll bet you can’t stump me with a client problem. If you’re having them, you’re probably not communicating your process and your Policies thoroughly and clearly. You also may not be delivering what you promise – or what the client might reasonably expect. You either kept things vague, or you wrote overly-wordy Policies. The former means you left things open to interpretation (and that won’t work in your favor). The latter means that since you didn’t focus (and write a tight, brief Policies clause) – you encouraged your clients not to focus, either.

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Would you like to show a little love and support to our trans community?
Would you like to inspire confidence, self-love, and self-expression?
Would you like to take back our culture from mundane, horrific and transphobic mediocrity?
My favorite kind of design and sewing work, has always been gift sewing. And who better to sew for, than trans and gender diverse peeps who deserve garments that fit and feel great, ramient that looks fantastic and lasts forever – pieces as unique and masterfully-built as the person wearing them!
I have over twenty years sewing for trans individuals and my work is unparalleled in joyousness, quality craftsmanship, artistic expression, comfort, and longevity!

I want my work to fall into just the right hands!

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