do artisans undercharge? some unrecognized perspective

I am a custom designer. I also provide coaching and consulting for creatives and for artisan businesses. I am in dozens of hobbyist groups online which inevitably host questions like, “How much do you sell your __ for?” There’s no shortage of advice given to this query – often by people who have never run a business, are helming one that is soon to fail, or who briefly tried for months or a year or two before bailing. (Pro-tip: get advice from people who succeed, who are happy while succeeding, and who are succeeding without grossly exploiting themselves/others!)

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tutorial: sewing a custom mask & surgical cap

Today's livestream class will demonstrate how to draft and sew a mask custom-fit to your face (no matter how big or small you are), as well as a surgical cap/hair covering. This mask uses cotton ties (not elastic), is contoured (not pleated), and is washable and reusable. The cap has optional button locations if you want to install them (to combat ear fatigue when using masks with elastic ties).

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members only: the trouble with being artistically “gifted”

I'd been taught that Art was talent. You either had it - or you didn't. More embarrassing than being bad at Art (whatever that means), was being bad while being earnest about it all. My creatively-aspiring adult role models sneered at "lesser" artists, talked about the "right way" to Do Art (yes. For reals) - and craved critical acclaim. They needed that external validation, craved it - and anyone who didn't give them those accolades, was the Enemy. Looking back, I can't think of a more Creativity-stunting worldview.

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