Planning And Scheduling Vs. Creative Impulsivity

A few weeks ago a professional business coach was telling me some standard business sense: that if I knew I was going to make a lot of jeans in 2022, I should buy denim as cheap as I could this year. I held up my hand on the Zoom call and said, "Listen Jim*, I gotta level with you. The thought of committing to primarily making jeans in 2022 makes me want to lay down and perish."

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Why Do Artisans Undercharge?

I am in dozens of hobbyist groups online where you inevitably see a regular trickle of questions like, "How much do you sell your __ for?" There's no shortage of advice given - in fact, usually there's a pile on in the comments, of all kinds of conflicting advice delivered by people who have never run a business, are helming one that is soon to fail, or who briefly tried for a brief while before bailing.

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My 2021 Greatest Hits!

Here are my top feats that either strengthened Bespoke Hogaboom, deepened my ethics - or brought me (and others) a lot of joy. I write them here, because they were deliberate choices, they were important to me and others, and you and I made them happen. Perhaps some of these will inspire you to make a vision for your 2022!

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