Getting Attendance At Events

Want asses in seats? Have realistic expectations. What exactly are you hoping to achieve? Are you wanting to make sales? Get followers on Instagram? Establish community presence? Provide a low-cost or no-cost service? Or do you just want to get out and about? Don't roll all these objectives into a big mushy ball. Think carefully which objectives are most important to you, and make plans accordingly.

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Ten Things To Know About My Career

I started my business officially in 2017 and initially I planned a family-friendly art side hustle. We raised our children and we lived our lives as radical unschoolers, which for many years meant one income for four people. When I got serious about business education in 2019, everything changed and I quickly developed into a REAL business. My family-friendly entrepreneurship evolved into a business friendly to chronic illness, which amongst other things means it is a very strong business.

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“Can I Pick Your Brain?” – Part Two

It's stressful to feel like you've gotta stop what you're doing and respond - and respond quickly and cheerfully at that, while expecting nothing in return! - but that really is what some people expect. It's astonishing, it's rude, it's absolutely wild and you have my sympathy. But those Bad Actors shouldn't dictate your policies; and those need to sustain you through the long haul.

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Testimonial: Sabel Rose of Sabel Rose Regalia Fine Art Quilts

Kelly has a gift for seeing the unique aspects of one's industry and circumstances, and integrating it in such way so that advice is customized to something tangible and specific. Kelly also sets the example of someone creating, setting, maintaining and refining healthy boundaries, and this has actually benefited all aspects of my life.

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Read more about the article If You’re Going To Give Freebies
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If You’re Going To Give Freebies

Let me begin with a foundational point: please think of your generosity not as “free” – but as as providing your work at low- and no-cost. The lexicon of “free” and “freebies” are common, but unfortunately and as I touched on last week, “free” implies there’s little value: that your expertise, products, or skillset are kind of take-it-or-leave it, really.

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Testimonial: Traci Kay Pryde of Pryde Hantverk

"Kelly very much has a gift for creating community. It's - I don't even know - it's some kind of a magical gift I think they have. [...] I'm so impressed with the the community that Kelly created in our business course, the community that they created on the Discord server, many of whom are business people that have been in your cohort or people who might be thinking about taking the WHOLE ENCHILADA!"

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